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Family Relations

Here follows a short explanation of our family relations.
The name 'Blazejewicz' originates from Poland and came to Denmark in the 1950'es with Leonhard Blazejewicz (junior), who was born in Kiel in Germany in 1937 as the eldest child in the marriage between the Polish immigrant Leonhard Blazejewicz (senior) and Edith Thies, a native German of partly Danish descent on her mothers side.
In 1958 Leonhard Blazejewicz (junior) married Åse Blazejewicz (born Jensen), who died in 2007. Jørgen, Peter and Birgitte Blazejewicz are all children of this marriage.
Jørgen Blazejewicz is now married to Else Cathrine Ladefoged. Together they have three sons; Christian, Frederik and Laust Ladefoged Blazejewicz.
Maj Blazejewicz is Jørgens daughter from his first marriage, with Anette Sørensen.
Peter Blazejewicz is a widower after Ulla Blazejewicz (born Madsen, later changed to Nielsen, later married Hottenroth and finally married Blazejewicz), who died in 2005. She already had her son Ulf with her late husband, Jan Hottenroth, who died in 1980, on Ulf's 2-years birthday. As Peter turned 25, hence meeting the age criterion, he adopted Ulf, who then changed his surname from Hottenroth to Blazejewicz. Emil and Liv Blazejewicz are both children of Ulla and Peter.
Birgitte Blazejewicz was formerly married to Bent Lavrberg Christiansen. She later married Peter Mikkelsen and they both took the name Blazejewicz-Mikkelsen. AnnDorthe Lykke is the youngest child from Peter Blazejewicz-Mikkelsen's former marriage.
Maj Blazejewicz lives with Paw Olesen. Together they have the son Aske Haar Blazejewicz.
Through Åse Blazejewicz some of us are related to the Jeppesen-Jensen family, being described on the following pages.